daniel jenkins


my work is predominantly gallery exhibition nudes. the style i work in is called 'narrative' which simply means i like to work with the figure as part of a scene or setting rather than just a nude without any grounded context. this style of working dates to the first nudes portrayed in the photographic medium in the 19th century. the scenes i create are sometimes somewhat surreal or may include contradictory elements to stimulate the viewer to study the works more deeply.

my family since the late 1800s were/are photographers...from my great grandfather, a documentary black drape over the head field photographer, my grandfather, a newspaper photographer (and also shot nudes in this vernacular) and both my father and brother...shy men who only ever shot architecture, landscapes and portraits, albeit of a superior standard.

the work on these pages represent a body of work i did in 2009 (and 2010) for an exhibition in march 2010. i have was invited to submit five of the works from these pages to an international group exhibition of narrative nude photographers in moscow (yes, russia) in october 2010 and 2011

please feel free to contact me if you are interested in being a part of my exhibition projects. i am planning another exhibition for 2012-13 which will include fruit and male nudes and bizarre implements of distruction.

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Metung, Victoria, Australia